The longer I do this the more I realise that we would be nowhere without quality. It’s something I try hard to achieve with every click of the shutter.

I’ve often heard other photographers quote “ you are only as good as your last image” . Long time Life magazine photographer and writer Joe McNally will tell you  “your best picture is your next picture”. So where’s the balance?  It’s both of those things in equal measure. Going in and out of situations in life with the confidence that you know where you are going and the drive that the next thing you are going to produce will be the best thing ever is a powerful motivator and not only for me as a photographer. I can see it in other businesses too. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph a great team of people and two business owners who obviously apply a similar approach to their business. James and Dan run a growing carpentry business with big ideas, and even during the small time I got to spend with them I could clearly see they were punching well above their weight.

So how do you show that. Where do you even begin to show the skill, the mixture of traditional and hi tech applications put into what is seen as a simple craft. It’s in the detail. A wider view is nice, both in life and photography. You can see what your dealing with. But to get a real feel, You have to get close and personal.

When somebody knows what they are doing they have a way about them. They make it look easy, often when photographing these people you wish you could slow them down, and look closer and exactly what they are doing so that’s exactly what we did.

Take a look at a selection of pictures from the shoot at Willow Joinery St.Clears Carmarthenshire.

Aled Llywelyn is a photographer and content creator based in West Wales. To contact aled please email

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