I love photographing people who have done something Extraordinary, and as a press photographer my work allows me to places and allows me to meet people I would not normally get to meet – It’s always a privilege to meet people who you know have got that extra something.

After a hard day’s taking pictures I was relaxing in front of the tele box with Mrs Aled Llywelyn and we were watching a program called ‘Saved’, about people who had been saved  ( obviously ) from some kind of sticky situation. One of these stories struck a chord with me. The Story of Steve and Dan.

Steve had saved Dan from drowning by swimming a long way out to see to rescue him. It has me in tears ( really ) however when I told Steve this I don’t think he believed me! So it turns out that Dan and Steve have been friends ever since. It’s always nice to cover a story with a happy ending.

I managed to be lucky enough meet both the Lads at Rhossili Near the Beach where it all happened. And this Cutting was the result.


You can read about it Here

Sunday Morning Reading!





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