What a lovely day! When I woke up this morning it was all overcast and flat. The Kind of weather for taking macro shots of flowers.

As the afternoon went on the skies broke and I headed for Tenby to take some snaps to upload to stock sites. I had a few other goings on there that afternoon too but more on that later in the week i suspect
So the reason for this fairly pointless post was to share this beautiful blue boat sitting under a lovely blue sky ( try to ignore the threatening cloud in the top left hand corner if you can ) with you all.

It’s just nice not to be stuck in the house/office/car.

But if you are confined to any of the above….
I posted this just for you.

And if you like it that much that you feel the urge to buy a Canvas of it… drop me a line as I may do you a deal!!!

Speak soon,

Pob hwyl,


oh, and see it super super massive big, give it a little click.

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