With it being a fairly quiet end to the week so far with press  assignments & all the action happening around one street in London and nothing aside from maybe yet another new shop opening ( or moving ) in Carmarthen it was a good chance to gather some early morning stock and maybe the odd landscape while waiting for the day to unfold, and I have to say that coast road through Amroth  never disappoints. I was up at 4 and in Pembs within half an hour.

What a great way to start the day.

So if you get the chance and you find yourself on the Carmarthenshire / Pembrokeshire border go and take a look.

Oh, and by the way, Amroth was awarded blue flag status this week. It was  one of the beaches that made up this years record braking amount of  beaches to get the award.

After Amroth it was on to Saundersfoot for a cuppa before heading home for about 7.30 am

So all in all not a bad early morning sneak around Pembs .You may even find me sneaking around tomorrow..

Click on the images to make them nice & Big.

I’ll be adding these to the landscape gallery here before long, but if you would like to buy one in the mean time drop me an email.


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