Nope, not a review of 2013, not the best of or anything like that, just an excuse to have a quick look back at some of the goings on and some of my favorite images, sometimes maybe because it was just the people i enjoyed meeting, some with some great stories to tell and some just doing their thing.. if you know what I mean. Happy new year all. Here is to 2014…… A

Llanddowror. One of the pictures of the flooding that came as a shock to the residents of Llanddowror, Carmarthenshire in January of 2013. I was quite unpoular with the locals for sending these pictures out to the press but I have to say I only did so after helping many of them with sandbags and with help moving furniture and car etc.

A bit of a PR shot for use in the Swansea v Bradford program for the Capital one Cup Final. Steffan Rhodri AKA Dave Coaches is, as it turns out a massive Swansea Fan. Good on him, i can’t help thinking how hard it must have been pretending to be Bluebird, er Redbird. Whatever!

Dafydd Raw-Rees, He’s the reason you had horse for lunch. The day after the horse meat scandal, when most of the media had cleared off. He just wandered down the lane for a chat and to protest his innocence.

Post Capital one Bus Parade around Swansea. Good times for the Swans again in 2013..

Here’s one of Several times I got to photograph Charlie this year, this was at a visit to the Royal Welsh show. A few days after he became a Grandad for the first time,  he was in an exeptionally good mood. This Picture made the front of the Western Mail the next morning.

Top ginger and Super Model – Lily Cole, Photographed at Hay

I don’t have much on my bucket list, however taking a portrait of Michael Palin is on there. I got up at 3.30 AM to try and catch him. And… I did. My favorite image of the year.

Another from Hay. Robert Lindsy was the nicest of people. We had a real good laugh shooting this rather dodgy portrait!

Mick Sheridan the ‘ Gorilla upholsterer‘ Shhhhh.

Josh double.. 17 year old RNLI Hero! ( A very shy one. But still a hero )

I had to put at least one pic of Bale on. Sorry. This was taken at Cardiff City Stadium just during his first start for Wales since his mega transfer fee saga, I can’t help to wonder if any of the kids standing in front will make the Welsh squad one day…

80 years old. Here is Meurig, riding his bike backwards for me during a break in the rain. More here…

2014 is the year I hope the Swans get back to their scoring ways…. this is a  cutting from the indie.

Cardiff. If you are ever in Nat West bank in Queen Street Cardiff, go take a look. Its super massive on the wall as this pic was taken as part of a comission from them & RBS

2013. The year we found Swampy. WE FOUND SWAMPY ( eventually )

Rave baby shocker. I left my rather cool hat at their house during this shoot. If you ever read this please send my hat back. More on Rave baby here. After all she had done not much wrong other than go to see her daughter’s band. Good on her. We now have the same ear protectors in mind for baby Brychan..

Swansea Airshow. Amazing, and amazingly hot. Go if you get a chance it was great to watch and shoot. Pictured are the Breitling wing Walkers. Cool Beans..


Pictured are April Jones’ family leaving the service after her Funeral took place in Machynlleth, Mid Wales. Time to try and move on I suppose.

And, a last one. From the last Job of this year really. Mike and Vicky’s wedding in Gelli Aur and the Cawdor in Llandeilo. What a great day, but my god did it rain. So as proof you can always pull something out of nothing and even make something beautiful out of any situation here is my favorite picture from their fantastic day. Here’s to the future and a great 2014.




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