As always it was great to be invited back to Llanwrtwd wells last weekend to photograph the ever popular Man v Horse race for the race sponsor Whole earth foods.

Now could be the time to probably confess that i ate so much peanut butter as a kid, when i was admitted to hospital for something unrelated, my grandmother was convinced  it was because of my generous Peanut butter intake.

I’d like to think that my peanut butter ‘fetish’ wasn’t the reason I was invited to photograph the event.

According to official sources “The event began in June 1980 following a chat over a pint (or three) in the back bar of the Neuadd Arms Hotel. The then Landlord, Gordon Green, overheard two men discussing the relative merits of men and horses running over mountainous terrain. The enterprising Gordon, never one to miss an opportunity to promote Llanwrtyd Wells and improve business at his hotel, decided to put it to the test. And so began Green Events and its first, longest standing and now internationally acclaimed event, Man v Horse” ( via the Green Events Website ! )

I love visiting this little town, not only because to it’s crazy and wacky events but because of the warm welcome i get from the residents. Many of now have become friends.

The man ( who won then lost ) 

The Horse that won ( and then actually won ) 

The winning horse-rider along side the fastest man.

So here it is. The best of Man v Horse 2018. And as always – according to this blog anyway, here’s to 2019. Bring it on!

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