So.. another year. I swear they come ’round quicker and quicker. It was my first visit to the Laugharne weekend last year and this was my second. Of course I have been to Laugharne before on a weekend but not during the ‘Laughrne weekend’

Did I mention i spent the weekend in Laugharne?

Anyhow, lots of lovely people to meet and listen to, here are a few I was lucky enough to snap, shake hands with. I have to say, I had a good giggle with all of them. Good times, here’s to more weekends in Laugharne. And not one mention of Dylan Thomas…. Damn!

So, here is to Laughrne 2014 with a bit of luck!



Jemima Dury, Daughter of the late Ian dury


Phill Jupitus sits for a picture in Dylan Thomas’ Parlour


Phill Jupitus again, this time reading his poetry on the steps of Dylan Thomas’ Boat house.


Master of Arts… Sir Peter Blake, creator of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper Cover and many others..

Laugharne weekend  2013

The infinately nice Mr Robin Ince

Laugharne weekend  2013


Stuart Maconie talks in a church.. Laugharne weekend  2013


I eventualy managed to get Rhys Ifans to stand still for a moment! Laugharne weekend  2013

He nearly dipped his brush in his pint.

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