I’ve been around here a long old time now. Sometimes the longer you stay in one place the less you notice and the less you care. I took my wife on a walk around Laugharne the other evening; you know, the usual stuff – Dylan’s boathouse, the castle, some cobbled streets followed by a pint of ale and a bag of chips.

She said she’s never realised Laugharne was so beautiful. She hasn’t realised how pretty it was ( * i will say that it was a pretty pleasant evening with the tide in – but not too far in and no rain etc etc – it’s always like that 😉 )  I kind of knew it was nice but then I’ve lived down the road since I was 9 or 10  so I’ve got complacent with my surroundings I  think. I’m too easily wowed by the sunrise by the castle that I serve up to the national Newspapers from time to time during the winter.

I was asked recently by an old school friend to photograph a couple of houses that she is involved with letting. Great House and the Cors. I’d heard of the Cors, it used to be a very popular restaurant with fine food and drink. So I’m told anyhow. I never went. Probably because it was in Laugharne and I lived just too close. I regret that now i suppose. The Cors  has reopened it’s doors again to people who want to explore west Wales or fall in love with Laugharne. It’s worth a visit just for the gardens.

I’ve passed Great house millions of times. I’ve always admired it but never knew it’s secrets. And boy does it have some secrets. My favourite secret so far  is that Mumford and Sons used it to film the video for Lover of the light. I’ll let you do the googling on that one.

I’ve fallen in love with Laughrne again off the back of visiting and photographing these two beautiful properties. It’s what led me to take my wife down there again. It’s mysterious yet feisty attitude to life ( Laughrne not the wife – well maybe the wife too. ) has got me hungry for more. I want to discover more of it’s surprises. I want to discover more things I never knew about Laugharne.  I’m looking forward to spending more time down there very soon.

Here are a selection of images from both Great house and the Cors from the shoots. All shot in natural light. Lovely. See you for a pint at Brown’s.



If you would like to stay in either of the houses visit https://www.greatwelshescapes.com


Aled Llywelyn is a photographer and content creator based in West Wales. To contact aled please email aled@aledllywelyn.co.uk

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