Now seems as good a time as ever to get down to writing some blog content.

Now also seems a good time to remind myself how lucky I’ve been recently with some of the amazing opportunities I’ve had and some of the awesome places I’ve visited.

A couple a years back I had the opportunity to undertake a commercial shoot in Croatia for Go Sail. LINK

The brief was to photograph life on and off one of their boats, in the case the Novi Dan, pictured below.

Novi Dan Croatia

The Novi Dan sleeps has on board accomodation with ensuite rooms including a bar plus a chef!


I joined the boat in the town of Hvar late in the evening. What a spot.

Wecome booklet and some currency. The local currency is Kuna…


Lunch in Dubrovnik

Actual Lunch in Dubrovnik Hello Sailor Dubrovnik was absolutely rammed full of tourists. 

One of the guys on the boat was telling me that the local grandma’s were knows as the CCTV of the town. Eyes on everthign that goes on. While walking around Dubrovnik I ‘stole’ this picture. The bride and groom were taking some time out as their official photographer was busy elsewhere.

Boat BBQ Sausages.  Igor. Behind the bar on the Novi Dan

Tourists in Dubrovnik  

The famous Novidan Tender. 

Boarding the Novidan

Streets on Dubrovnik

TThe fresh fruit in the markets was stunning.

Broakfast on bord the boat


Beer and a smoke in Split.

These things were lethal. They nearly killed me a few times.  

PParty time at the rave in the cave.

50/50 under water. One of my favorite shots of the trip.

IF you fancy a visit to Croatia and following the same visit

Or give me a shout and I’ll put you in touch.

Cheers. Aled


Aled is a PR, Press and Commercial Photographer based in West Wales.

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