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In another of Don Wales’ attempts to break a record and keep the family tradition of going fast in various vehicles alive, team Bluebird made their way to the beach once more this summer in an  attempt to break their own UK record for an Electric powered vehicle.

Part of the weekend was designed to enable the team to assess the potential for attempting bigger and  better records over the next few years,and also I assume to raise support and funding for these future  attempts.

For this attempt Don was Joined by his son Joe, ( Malcolm Campell’s Great Grandson ) who would be attempting his first record , it was during the attempt for this record that Joe hit a pothole on the beach causing damage to the front for the car. I heard a few people mention during the day that the visibility when driving were quite poor. This was making it difficult to keep the car on the track that was marked out between the sea and some flags, so I don’t think Joe had much hope of seeing a pothole most likely caused by a Jellyfish. Both Joe and Don were quite disappointed but I think these are the kind of guys who fully understand all the risks when taking on this kind of attempt.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the team will attempt their next record at Bonneville Salt flats,  There are a lot less jellyfish there. Good luck to them whatever they decide to do and I hope to see them down the beach another day as It’s getting to be an annual outing and I’ll miss it if nobody decides to try and break some kind of speed record on Pendine beach  in 2012.



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