Kate Ellery // S4C // Summer 09

This is really an old project but now is the time to post it here really. During the summer I got a chance to work with the model Kate Ellery ( select model agency !! ) and S4c for a new welsh language programme called ‘ Y Salon ‘ Kate has worked with the likes […]

Snow bored with it all?

I love snow. I still get exited when i hear it’s on the way on the TV or the Radio. I love having the time to go out in the snow with the camera and I love the wayfacebook / flickr/ twitter / whatever and bombarded with pictures of snow! This time round after taken the classic ‘ wintery scenes’ I just had to take somthing a little out of the ordinary! Polar Bears in St Clears eh?? Who would have thought!

Saw Doctors // Cardiff 2009

What a cracker of an evening in Cardiff with the Saw Doctors! and it was my birthday too! Almost perfect exept my Guinness came from a can! For more images of the Saw Doctors  plus their support  ‘ The Jades’   click on the above image ! Happy days !


I’ve been in london for the last few days and have had a lot of time to kill down there so it was nice to do the tourist thing for a few hours even though i soon got sick of it! See it SUPERMASSIVE BIG here.

Adrift // Wedi3

Shot from a Day trip to the Tinopolis studio’s for the band Ardift to be filmed for the welsh language program ‘ wedi 3′ . I was only able to take photos while not gwtting in the way of filming so a lot of the photos are taken from some distance. As always, lenses need […]

Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf

Launch For Fflur Dafydd’s New album. Fantactic bunch of musicians. It was great to have the chance to photograph them despide the sodium lighting … INDOORS!!

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